Emperor's Garden - Las Vegas

Emperor's Garden - Las Vegas 4215 Spring Mountain Road, Suite #B203 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Email: info@emperorgarden.com (702) 889-6777 2004 "Best Chinese Restaurant off the Strip" by Taste of Vegas Understanding your food before you eat it is like learning the language before you go to a foreign country. Just as it would be hard to communicate with another person in a different language, it is equally as hard for your taste buds to understand why Chinese food taste or appears the way it does. The most important thing about Chinese food is that it is family style dining; meaning orders brought to the table should be presented to the table and shared by all members as if a family. This sense of family is what Chinese people live for. It is not about “Your” dish and “Your” words; it changes into “Our” food and “Our” conversation. Additionally, you get to taste more than one item on the menu. Your or now “Our” taste buds are cleared and reintroduced to new tastes as if eating a cracker after sipping a glass of wine or slice of cheese. Emperor’s Garden – Sichuan, is a Chinese restaurant. More importantly, it is an authentic Szechwan restaurant. Authenticity plays an important role; we only hire chefs that have complete knowledge of traditional Szechwan cooking, in result we hire those that can communicate with our chefs. Our wait staff might not be the strongest English speakers, but because of bilingual necessity we only require that everybody does their best to meet customer needs. In the following pages of this menu, you will find additional stories for various dishes. Through these stories, your meals become an educational experience. I hope that this small introduction will aid in the enjoyment of your meal. Frank Hu Emperor's Garden www.emperorgarden.com